Joining a group offers many advantages:

  • Structure and accountability. Scheduling a time to focus on something makes it more likely you’ll do it. Once you’ve talked about changing your habits with other people, you’ll feel accountable to them.
  • New perspectives and ideas. When we think by ourselves for too long, our thoughts become stale. A group reveals new insight into old issues by providing opinions, asking good questions, offering fresh strategies, and listening.
  • Support. We often feel isolated. Just hearing that other people may experience the same difficulties can be very  reassuring. Also, while it’s helpful to receive support, providing support to others is also a powerful source of satisfaction.
  • Something fun and different. It’s fun to do something new and to meet new people—and it’s especially rewarding when you’re talking about a topic as important and intimate as your habits.

To join, please fill out the contact form below. I’ll send you an announcement within the week.


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