New Changes!

I know many of you aren’t able to travel, but wish to be a part of this book club, so I have decided (after many failed attempts for meet-ups) to make this a strictly online book club. This way there’s no obligation to show up and we don’t have to worry where to have the meet-ups. I will still try to plan girl’s nights every 6 weeks or so, that way we can catch up with each other and have some fun. Check the events tab on our Facebook page often to see what’s new.

So what’s next? We will start having live discussions every two weeks concerning the book we are currently reading and I will be utilizing this website more often. If you haven’t officially “joined” the book club, go ahead and do that; you will need to in order to participate.

Here’s how it will work: Down at the bottom of any post, you will need this set-up.


Obviously, you’re going to enter in your comment in the box at the bottom.


If you have a WordPress account, you won’t have to fill out everything, but if you don’t just simply enter in your email address (this will not show up when you’re done) and your name. Or you can login in your with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. The email is the easiest. If I’m not mistaken, you only have to do this once. You can choose to click “notify me” if you want to see the replies or you can just come back and look later. If you click this button, you will receive an email every time someone else comments. I will automatically get notifications because I’m the administrator, but you do not have to. And that’s it! Your comment will pop up.


How to add a comment or reply to someone else’s comment:

If you see something you’d like to reply to, you hit the reply button or simply start typing in the “Leave a Reply” box underneath it. Replies and Comments are the same. After one person comments under the post, everyone else’s comment is a reply. You can also “like” comments by clicking the start button in blue.

I ask that you PLEASE try to participate in the group discussions as often as you can. What’s the point of being in a book club, if you aren’t active!?

*Please be respectful of everyone’s opinions and keep foul language off the discussion threads. Thank you!


As far as choosing the books, please join the Pinterest board for this group where you can pin books you’d like to read. We will still vote on the books, but I will only pull from that list from now on. Feel free to pin as many as you’d like. Click the big red button below to pop over there.


If you have any suggestions for this club, please message me on FB or send me an email to and share your thoughts. As always invite you friends, sisters, cousins, co-workers, etc. because this is now an ONLINE BOOK CLUB and everyone can be a part of it! I hope you all are having fun and enjoying the books we select. As always, let me know if you have any concerns.


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