BTB: Discussion #1


Hi all! If you haven’t joined the group yet, please head over the JOIN page to get that moving. I’ve had a lot of interest, and I’m so excited to be doing this with you all. Please join!

Also, I have changed the meet-ups to only one time a month. I think this will be better for everyone. We will have these discussions regularly to keep everyone together.

You may not have the book yet, but I wanted to go ahead and start the discussion. In a discussion, you comment below with your thoughts and answers concerning the questions that I post. I’ll try to keep these going until our first meet-up on June 17th.

whatwerepeatedlydo-@allielefevereBetter Than Before is all about mastering the habits of our daily lives, whether they are good or bad. We all have a few bad habits we’d like to get rid of: smoking, eating unhealthy, lack of exercise, too much time on the Internet, etc. Did you know it takes 21 consecutive days to form or break a habit? That’s only three weeks! Studies have shown that if you create a timeline you are more willing to stick to it. Gretchen mentions in her book The Happiness Project to create a sticky note timeline on your door frame or somewhere where you will see if regularly labeled Days 1-21. Everyday that you either did something to prevent the bad habit or practiced a new good habit, you remove a sticky note. Visual timelines evoke a sense of expectations that our brains want to meet.


 If you’ve started reading Better Than Before, you may have come to the Four Tendencies outlining how we deal with outer expectations and inner expectations. Do you know which one you are? Depending on your tendency, you may have a hard time dealing with one or the other, or both. Once you realize your tendency, then it’s easier to understand how to form or break habits. I know for a fact that I am a Questioner, meaning that I have to have a reason for everything that I do, a justification of why.

So as our first discussion for this book, I want to bring some questions to the table. You may comment below your answers if you wish (once again this is a safe environment, no judging!).

Question 1: If you could magically, effortlessly change a few habits, which habits would you pick? Why?

Question 2: Are you an Upholder, a Questioner, an Obliger, or a Rebel? Did knowing this help you gain a better understanding of your patterns of habit-formation?

Question 3: Have you ever found it easier to form a habit (for good or bad) when you were starting something new — when you were taking the first steps, when you had a clean slate? 

I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say! Comment by clicking the Leave A Comment link at the top of this post under the title and feel free to reply to others. We’re all on this journey together!


One thought on “BTB: Discussion #1

  1. Here are my answers!

    Q1: biting my nails (yuck!), eating healthier (less fried food and sodas), and finishing something once I start it.

    Q2: Definitely a Questioner; Yes, once I knew what tendency I was, the better I understood how I can transform my habits!

    Q3: I love starting things on the first of everything, first of the month, first of the week, first of the day, first of the season, etc.


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